Show Show is a DIY gallery in between a bar (chopinchopin) and a market place (shopshop). All spaces can be up and running simultaneous (but not always).

Show Show is looking to offer artists an alternative to exclusive high-profile galleries.  Additionally also giving the artists the opportunity to connect to an audience, and vice-versa; the interaction between making, showing and being seen is our number one goal.

Conveniently, Show Show sits next to bar chopinchopin (open THU-SUN) on the animated Beverhoutplein in Ghent. This market square, next to Sint-Jacobs, is most known for the flea market which normally takes place every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.



With this temporary place within the visual art scene in Ghent, we want to give artists and creative minds the opportunity to express themselves freely. We have no intent to replace or go into competition with regular galleries, we do not have the knowledge, nor the human resources to do that, nor to represent the artists or introduce them into markets, and that is one of the main reasons why we do not ask commission. We just want to offer a space, with very basic gallery-like services, for artists at a certain point in their career, when they have grown out of their atelier, but are not ready, do not want, do not feel like, have difficulties to be accepted to show their work in a "real" gallery. It's all about creating opportunities. Meanwhile, artists can delve further into the process of putting together expositions or other ways of showing their work. At the same time, we want to make art available and accessible to everyone. We believe art should exist within the daily life.

Show Show has opened its doors on the 1st of July 2020. Artists may use the space for one week up to several months. In consultation with you, we might join you in the working space at times, to spur interaction with different audiences. 

what to expect

A white room (30 m²: 7,5x4m) with fairly high black ceilings with standard lighting , cold water, heating, and a sink. There are two big windows that overlook the beautiful market square. The space can be organized by the artist according to their own vision and work. During your tenance we will repost all communication on our instagram channel to connect to our public for wider exposure. The walls space costs 200 euro/week (21% VAT inclusive), which just around covers our rent/water/electricity and can be divided by multiple artists. Caution 1: this is the price for artists, exposing and selling their own art. Caution 2: From 2024 this will be 225 euro/week. If you want to deploy a wider commercial activity or open a pop-up shop, be it art, creative design or something else, then we have another space/market place next door, visit www.shopshopshop.be. Setting up and breaking down your show should be included in your rental period (which always runs from Tuesdays 9AM to Mondays 8PM). In your benefit, we do not take commission on the sold works, as you will be your own gallerist. We ask you to leave the room as you found it, white (repainted if necessary), clean and all holes filled. We will ask a deposit of 200 euro that might be used if we need to clean/repair/repaint the space ourselves.

how to apply

Send your portfolio (may be a website or other online channel) to info@kunstwerkkunst.be, pitch your expo-idea (short or long), and state your preferred period to rent the space. If you are interested, it is of course possible to visit the place beforehand. Come and have a sneaky look through the windows at the Beverhoutplein nr. 6, and maybe we’re there. Otherwise come during the opening hours of bar chopinchopin and the people from the bar can let you in to have a look.